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Corporate Wellness Collaborative

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What Our Clients Say

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

— Monique Hale

About Our Founder

Meet Our Founder

Lisa Ulbrich, MS, RC, CIP, MHC

Lisa Ulbrich is the Founder and President of Corporate Wellness Collaborative, a firm that provides a variety of services for corporations and individuals, including confidential behavioral health services, education and training, and wellness programs.


Prior to her career in corporate wellness, Lisa spent more than 30 years in the Boston construction industry as a well-respected executive for several top Construction Management firms.  As a pioneer for women in construction, she has always prioritized mentoring and helping the next generation of women thrive professionally and personally.  Lisa also helped spearhead a strategic reorganization of the Design and Construction departments at Northeastern University.


Her career has centered on helping high-achieving individuals and employees with personal development and wellness. She recognizes that an organization's success and profitability are directly connected to the health, happiness, and wellness of its leaders and employees. 


Lisa’s experience as an Executive Life Coach, Interventionist, Educational Provider for Alcohol & Substance Use Disorders, and deep experience with Management Techniques for managing stress, anxiety, and overall physical and mental well-being make her uniquely qualified to help high-achieving individuals and employees at all levels overcome obstacles and become the most successful, productive, and balanced people they can be. 

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